Jeanne Rosier Smith

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A Quiet Symphony
"A Quiet Symphony"
A Snowy Wood
"A Snowy Wood"
Break in the Clouds I
"Break in the Clouds I"
Clearing Skies
"Clearing Skies"
Deep in the Meadow
"Deep in the Meadow"
Early Summer Sun
"Early Summer Sun"
Fall Splendor
"Fall Splendor"
Finding Peace
"Finding Peace"
Fresh Greens
"Fresh Greens"
Garden Party
"Garden Party"
Glory Days
"Glory Days"
Green and Gold
"Green and Gold"
Harbor Lights
"Harbor Lights"
Hilltop at Twilight
"Hilltop at Twilight"
In the Cool Shade
"In the Cool Shade"
In the Lavender
"In the Lavender"
Late Summer
"Late Summer"
Late Summer II
"Late Summer II"
Lingering Light
"Lingering Light"
Loosestrife Meadow
"Loosestrife Meadow"
New England Color
"New England Color"
New England in Winter
"New England in Winter"
Perfect Calm
"Perfect Calm"
Reflections I
"Reflections I"
Road Less Traveled
"Road Less Traveled"
Seasons Change
"Seasons Change"
Sea Span
"Sea Span"
Shore's Edge
"Shore's Edge"
Smooth Sailing
"Smooth Sailing"
Spring Fireworks
"Spring Fireworks"
Stand Tall
"Stand Tall"
Strawberry Fields Forever
"Strawberry Fields Forever"
Summer Haze
"Summer Haze"
Summer on the Bluff
"Summer on the Bluff"
Summer Storm
"Summer Storm"
Summer Whites
"Summer Whites"
Sunday at Walden
"Sunday at Walden"
The Guardian
"The Guardian"
Twilight Glow
"Twilight Glow"
Verrill Farm
"Verrill Farm"
Walden Ripples
"Walden Ripples"
Welcoming II
"Welcoming II"
Wild Ride
"Wild Ride"
Winter Blues
"Winter Blues"
Winter Fields Sketch
"Winter Fields Sketch"
Winter Whites
"Winter Whites"
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