Carole Rabe

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Blue Room, Yellow Room, Green Room
"Blue Room, Yellow Room, Green Room"
Hydrangeas in Front of Window
"Hydrangeas in Front of Window"
Jade Plant
"Jade Plant"
Kitchen Table Reflection
"Kitchen Table Reflection"
Prayer Plant
"Prayer Plant"
Prayer Plant on Mantle
"Prayer Plant on Mantle"
Rain Boots
"Rain Boots"
Red Amaryllis
"Red Amaryllis"
Red Begonias, Front Hall
"Red Begonias, Front Hall"
Reflection in a Picture
"Reflection in a Picture"
Snow Outside the Kitchen Window
"Snow Outside the Kitchen Window"
Through the Curtain
"Through the Curtain"
Vases on Windowsill
"Vases on Windowsill"
Wrought Iron Lamp
"Wrought Iron Lamp"
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