Roy Perkinson

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Across the Bay
"Across the Bay"
At Cox Reservation
"At Cox Reservation"
Autumn Clouds over Boston
"Autumn Clouds over Boston"
Cloud Formation, July
"Cloud Formation, July"
Clouds at Evening
"Clouds at Evening"
Clouds in Essex
"Clouds in Essex"
Clouds over Frenchman Bay
"Clouds over Frenchman Bay"
Forest in Winter
"Forest in Winter"
From Cadillac (study)
"From Cadillac (study)"
Island Cove
"Island Cove"
Island Fog, Lifting
"Island Fog, Lifting"
Mt. Desert Pond
"Mt. Desert Pond"
Pond, through Forest
"Pond, through Forest"
Reflections, Marsh on Mt. Desert
"Reflections, Marsh on Mt. Desert"
Rocky Shore, Monhegan
"Rocky Shore, Monhegan"
September in Tuscany
"September in Tuscany"
Sky in Essex
"Sky in Essex"
Sunset Effect, Essex
"Sunset Effect, Essex"
Tidal Flats at Sunset
"Tidal Flats at Sunset"
Winter Reflections, Charles River
"Winter Reflections, Charles River"
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