Jana Matusz

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Almost There I
"Almost There I"
Babson Creek Neighbor
"Babson Creek Neighbor"
Doubly Determined
"Doubly Determined"
Exposed and Submerged
"Exposed and Submerged"
Flat Rocks near Folly Point
"Flat Rocks near Folly Point"
Gloucester from Horton Street
"Gloucester from Horton Street"
Gloucester from Railways Shipyard
"Gloucester from Railways Shipyard"
Half Moon Beach
"Half Moon Beach"
Headlands Rocks
"Headlands Rocks"
Most Handsome Truck
"Most Handsome Truck"
Owl's Head
"Owl's Head"
Provincetown Shapes
"Provincetown Shapes"
Rachel Carson Path
"Rachel Carson Path"
Rafe's Chasm
"Rafe's Chasm"
Shapes and Spaces
"Shapes and Spaces"
Shore View from Post Office, Prouts Neck
"Shore View from Post Office, Prouts Neck"
Somes Pond
"Somes Pond"
Steel Derrick Quarry with Bathers
"Steel Derrick Quarry with Bathers"
Steel Derrick Rocks in Sun
"Steel Derrick Rocks in Sun"
Sunshine Fruits
"Sunshine Fruits"

Jana Matusz, plein air painter, is as comfortable painting in the summer heat of Provincetown as she is in the snow of Acadia Maine.

Her vast array of subject matter includes landscape, still life, city and townscapes, trucks, figurative work and portraits.  Jana will paint from life almost anything that catches her eye and engages her. Her pallet is vibrant and bold revealing her talent for design, color and superb drawing skill.

She has degrees form Mass College of Art and Harvard University, has studied abroad and has shown her work internationally.

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